Schedule Changes

Schedule change requests:

Starting April 20, 2023, all teams requesting a schedule change must send their request to schedules@dallashardball.com and Cc the head coach from the opposing team. If the request involves swapping with other teams that play on different dates/times, please include those teams as well. If the request is to swap games with another team in the same division, the request will be automatically approved.

If the request is to create a new game, where there is not currently a game scheduled, or swap games with match-ups from another division, please do not assume that the request will be approved. We will first coordinate to make sure that there will be staff and field-time available for the game, and once those hurdles are cleared, you will receive a confirmation approving the request. Unless you receive that confirmation, the originally scheduled game is still on.

To restate, same division swaps are accepted upon receipt of the email and you can assume that the teams that have swapped are cleared to do so. If this occurs with 7U and above, please alert the Hardball staff member that is running GameChanger so they are aware of the team swap.


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