Opening Day Format and Procedures

Team Competition Rules/Instructions (events will be in this order unless otherwise instructed):

1) Base Running – 8 runners, 4 at home, 4 at second base. Think “relay race”. Runner at home starts, tags runner at 2nd, he tags runner at home, so on until all runners are finished. Each team gets 2 tries, take fastest time. Each runner must wait to be tagged before advancing from their base (or home plate). 1st Place is worth 5 points, 2nd Place is worth 4, 3rd Place is worth 3, 4th Place is worth 2, 5th Place is worth 1 point.

2) Around the Horn – each team has 1 fielder on each bag, a pitcher, a shortstop, and 1 catcher.  Pitcher starts the round (and the clock) by throwing to the catcher. Catcher steps on the plate and throws to 3rd (does not count unless he touches the plate with control of the ball). 3rd baseman must get the out at 3rd, then throw to 2nd baseman who must get the out at 2nd then throw to 1st. 1st baseman must get out at 1st then throw to short stop at 2nd base to get out at 2nd. SS then throws to pitcher to stop the clock. If they miss the ball, they have to go get it and go tag the base (there’s a force everywhere at all times). Each team gets a practice round, and one live round. Time is recorded ont he scoresheet, and fastest time wins the event.

3) HR Derby – 4 hitters for each team. Each hitter gets 5 outs. An out is anything that does not pass the HR line in the air. HRs are added up. Team with most HRs wins. No machine, live pitch only. Each team must provide their own pitcher. There is one winner per age division. The tie breaker is total number per individual player starting with the top then on to the next (for example, team A has 5 total with top player hitting 3, second most is 2, while team B has 1 player that hit all 5. Team B wins the tiebreaker).

4) Throwing Heat – each team warms up 4 pitchers. Team up next starts warming up when the current team starts their round. Each pitcher throws from the marked distance for their age division. 6 throws each into the 9 pocket. The pitcher gets 1 point for each pitch that lands in the 9-pocket. The speed is recorded for each pitch. The team with the most total points from all 4 pitchers wins. The tiebreaker is the team with the fastest overall strike. If the fastest pitch is a tie, then move on to the next fastest strike until a winner is determined.

5) Pop-Ups – Each team will designate 4 players to participate. Each player will get 4 chances to catch a fly ball from a pitching machine. The total number of outs for each player is recorded on the score sheet. The team with the most outs wins. The tiebreaker is determined by the number of outs for the top player for each team that is tied, then the next top player for any remaining teams that are tied, then the next. If multiple teams have a perfectly matched score, then each team shall be awarded the point total for the place (for example, if 3 teams are tied for 2nd place, then each shall be awarded 4 points, and then 3rd place shall be awarded 3 points).

6) 40-yard-dash – 4 runners per team. One at a time, each player will sprint from the starting line and run through the cone marking 40 yards. Runners will be laser timed with a digital screen showing their time. Each runner gets 2 tries and the fastest will be chosen. The team with the fastest average time of all 4 runners wins.

Each event has a winning team, and there is an overall winner for each division. The overall team winner is determined by the following scoring system:

  1. Each event has a point system: 1st Place is worth 5 points, 2nd Place is worth 4, 3rd Place is worth 3, 4th Place is worth 2, 5th Place is worth 1.
  2. The overall winner is determined by the cumulative points for all 6 events. Prizes will be announced during the introduction, and winners announced shortly after all scorecards are counted following the completion of the team events.

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