DH Fan+

The Journey to Loyalty Begins Here

DH Fan+ Membership and Benefits

DH Fan+ Membership

Enjoy the perks of being a DH Fan+ member and engage in gamified experiences to earn rewards and access to exclusive products and events.

As a member, you'll participate in our program through immersive Journey experiences. DH Fan+ members get access to personalized rewards.

Journeys, Rewards and Tokens


Experience fun and interactive checkpoints with DH Fan+ Journeys. Complete challenges and tasks to unlock exclusive rewards and tokens.


Dive in deep as a DH Fan+ member and participate in fun and competitive Journeys. Members are incentivized for achievements along the way, giving you more ways to unlock personalized rewards.


The more Journeys that DH Fan+ members complete, the more rewards and experiences are unlocked along the way.


Rewards can open the doors to a universe of possibilities. Redeems them for points or shopping sprees. Rewards could be limited edition products or even a personal video call from your favorite sports star.


Consider tokens as more than just a symbol. It’s the cornerstone of unlocking unparalleled value and opportunities. Tokens hold intrinsic value within your community. You don’t just earn tokens for completing Journeys, you own them.


Decide whether owning three tokens get you exclusive access to apparel, or if they are like baseball cards and are collectible on their own or in sets. This is where the magic happens!



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