Around the Horn Volume 19




In this edition of Around the Horn, you will find reminders and/or details for the following:

  • Team Events Rules/Instructions
  • Opening Day Sign-Ups
  • Looking for 2-3 more student staff members, can be High School or College
  • New Game Days – PLEASE READ
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

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Team Rosters-Please Check

Rookie Ball

A – Coach Pitch (6U MTB)

AA – Coach Pitch (7U)

AAA – Coach Pitch (8U)

Majors – Player Pitch (9U)

Team Events Rules & Instructions


Please go to the following page to review the procedures for the team competitions.


Team Competitions


For the scrimmages, pay careful attention to the instructions for the scrimmages:


Exhibition Rules – Coach pitch for all divisions 8U and under. Player pitch for 9U & 10U. Batters start with 1 ball & 1 strike and a large strike zone. Phrase of the day is “swing the bat”. Otherwise, all regular rules are in place. One coach/parent from each side will “umpire” their team at bat. Remember this is a scrimmage, and no one is getting a college scholarship. Make the best calls you can and move on.


  1. When you sign your team up for an exhibition slot, please include your age division (ex. 8U) next to your team name. Please only sign up against an opponent from the same age division. Exception – 9U and 10U teams can sign up as opponents.
  2. Please make sure that your time slot does not conflict with your team’s photo call time.
Opening Day Signups


Opening Day signups are on-going, Please get signed up so the day runs more smoothly: 1) Team Competitions (and scrimmages, if you want more times later in the day, please let us know); 2) Teams/Players/Coaches Photo Call Times; and 3) Parent Volunteer signups. Please pay close attention to each and be sure that your times do not overlap or conflict. Using the following links, your team representative will be able to pick the exact time that your team will set the bar in the team events, compete head-to-head in the exhibitions, and smile for the cameras. And Parents can sign-up to volunteer for small pockets of time to help the day run smoothly!


Grab the spots that are most convenient for you before they disappear:


To Sign Up for a Team Photo Call Time:


Every team must get their team, individual player, and at least one coach’s photos shot so please coordinate with coaches/team representatives and have someone sign your team up. A lot of teams have other sports conflicts that day so the photographers will be there nearly the entire day so that every team can get theirs done. These are very important so please get these done.

Team Events and Exhibition Games:


The Team competitions are very fast so long as the teams are ready to go and are on time. These are really fun for the kids and they can win some hardware so get your team signed up.

Parent Volunteer Signups (PLEASE SIGN UP):


Opening Day runs way better with the help of our awesome parent volunteers! Please sign up for a half hour slot or two. No experience needed for any of the spots. Who doesn’t love making a few snow cones and directing kids to the bounce house?

Help Wanted

Hardball is looking to add 2-3 more student staffers to train and assist with setting up, tearing down, game management, scoring games in GameChanger, league equipment signups, and other odds and ends. Schedules are flexible and the pay is between $15-20 per hour based on duties/experience. Great opportunity to get experience with league management and work with kids. No prior experience necessary. If anyone has or knows of a teenager or college student looking for early to mid-summer part-time work, please reply to this email with details. 

New Game Days & Times are Open – PLEASE READ

There will be an opportunity to begin games early this season. If any teams are ready and willing to start their season on Sunday, March 26, 2023, please let us know. This is a great opportunity to get out ahead of some potential rainouts and/or get extra games in. This is available to all divisions, and the games will begin at 3:00 pm on Sunday, and will run until 8:00 pm Sunday evening. Please email if interested.

Also, Monday games from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm will be available starting Monday, March 27, 2023. Please reply if this time will work for your team. There will be a lot of interest in this game slot and all interested teams will be considered.

Sponsorship Opportunities

This season there will be opportunities to have your company logos displayed on the scoreboard, and dugout banners. Email jeremy@dallashardball.com for more details.


Opening Day Ceremony – March 25th

The opening day event is mandatory for all teams this season. Exact timing is still being planned but refer back to the ATH Volume 14 for the general gameplan for the day (see archived email links below). Check out the FAQs for more info:

When Will Schedules Be Up?

The following Sunday after the Opening Day ceremony, teams will be placed in divisions based on competition level. Schedules will be released on Monday, March 27, 2023.

Games Start Friday March 31st (sort of – see above)

Game times per age division will vary Saturday and Sunday, and will include a few Friday night games (by special request). Please get your requests in for Fridays (if you know your team will be leaving town or unavailable on Saturday or Sunday, this is a good way to get your games in) or Mondays now that that is an option, and please do so ASAP!

Blackout Dates/Times Due Monday, March 20th

Each head coach can request up to 2 blackout dates for the Spring Season as well as 1 blanket blackout time for the entire season. These special requests must be received no later than 3/20/23 to be considered. No late requests can be accommodated, so please get them in sooner rather than later.

Regular Season Ends June 4th

Playoffs – June 9th – 11th

The format of the playoffs will depend on a number of variables such as final number of teams, and divisions, but they will take place June 9th through the 11th.

All-Stars Week and Games

All-Stars will be based on participation. The cost per player will be approximately $150 and will include an All-Stars jersey. Registration and Tryouts will take place the week between June 4th and June 11th and all games will be played June 16th -18th.


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